What’s a Portfolio

A portfolio is a compilation of words which describes your education, experiences, thoughts, future plans, skills, and areas of interests etc.

Why to Write a Portfolio

In the modern age it is essential for you to have a compendium that delineates your personality to the world.

What to Write in a Portfolio

You can add and write literally everything in your portfolio. But here are some points that you must include in your portfolio:

  1. Your Education

How to Write a Portfolio

First of all you must explore yourself to gather all the information regarding your interests and skills about content writing. Then filter out those rivets and dexterities that are related to your future and subsequent goal. Then write them in such a professional way that it leaves a pragmatic impression on the reader.

Content Writer Portfolio


Be optimistic and enthusiastic while writing your portfolio. Also your choice of words matters a lot. Be formal and professional. Write to the point. Try to make your portfolio attractive and impressive. Explain why and where you started from and what you got from it. Try to show yourself, goal oriented.

Dos and Donts

  • Mention your experiences regarding content writing.

Purpose of Writing

Briefly explain your impetus to become a content writer. Try to write your motivation in such an attractive way that the reader gets motivated to become a content writer as well. Tell the significance of content writing and its increasing trend as well.


Explain what you procured through content writing and what benefits you attained through it.


  • What changes you feel in your personality after becoming a content writer.

Writing Pattern

Briefly and precisely explain your pattern of writing in a professional way. Mention these points in this section:

  • How you draft your content.


In this part you will mention following points:

  • Where you do your research from.



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